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Santayana as philosophical inspiration

Arthur Danto (1924–2013) wrote of Santayana’s influence on his philosophical activity:

“My inspiration [for a philosophical system], in a way, was a five-volume work by the great Spanish and American philosopher, George Santayana, titled The Life of Reason. Santayana belonged to a generation earlier than mine, one in which to be a philosopher really did mean creating a system that would house the whole of things.”

Published by: Martin Coleman
Published on: Feb. 11, 2015

Emendation, A Beginner’s Guide

Today, I’m providing a casual look at the process of emending a work.

Emending is the process of making correcting changes to a work. (As opposed to amending which is adding to or altering a work in order to improve its contents). One significant difference is that emending isn’t designed to change the context or content of a work. Emendation instead strives to fix errors and in the case of the Santayana Edition, reverse edits made to an original work.

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